Jenna Telz

From Rags to Prettier Rags.

As a young gay disowned and fresh out of the closet, it was through Drag that I found my place in the gay world. As a youth struggling with my identity, I had always been in love with all things dark and mysterious and it has always been the kind women in my life who helped me through the hard times. The darkest times are the crucible in which one’s soul is reforged, stronger and new. To me Jenna is the result of these two facts, she is the union of the power of femininity and the allure of darkness.

Drag is the way we can all be free and it is the best way that as a gay man I can represent and speak for and to my community. The art has a long legacy of entertaining, but also advocacy and community-building, I take that legacy very seriously. I have always been passionate about art, and an advocate for youth, but my one true love is the stage. And on the stage, big or small, I seek to empower my community and entertain in my glittery black way.

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