Duke Carson

Big rig mechanic by day, Alberta’s reigning Drag Superstar by night, Duke Carson has vitalized Calgary’s drag king community with his heavy metal-infused performances and rock hard (prostethic) abs.

Back in May, 2018, Calgary’s Duke Carson was the first drag king to be crowned Alberta’s Next Drag Superstar (ANDS) by Evolution Wonderlounge. By September, he had been selected as one of only four drag king performers across Canada to be the subject of an episode of CBC’s Canada’s a Drag.

Carson’s signatures include luscious, flowing locks, sculpted abs and rock ’n’ roll lip-sync performance numbers. One he’s particularly proud of is Aerosmith’s “Dude (Looks a Lady).” That was the song that won Carson a spot in the qualifiers for ANDS 2018. “I was exhilarated afterwards,” he says (May uses masculine pronouns when speaking as Carson). “The entire building was so loud. People were standing up and just screaming.”

Avenue Magazine Summer 2019

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